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Jack Melville

As the Head of Marketing at the ASHL Group Of Companies, I oversee the development and management of our inbound marketing campaigns, website infrastructure, and proposition materials. In addition to these responsibilities, I am also committed to empowering our community of Financial Planners through the provision of marketing support services. From compelling content, to beautiful websites, our goal is to be a platform for growth.

Blog Post by Jack Melville

Feb 20, 2024 12:04:11 PM

Sense Network...What Makes Us Tick?

2023 was an excellent year for Sense Network and our amazing membership of nationwide ...
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Sep 27, 2023 3:19:29 PM

Introduction to Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) In 2023

Watch the original video with Jonathan Newell and John Netting of IFAProsure, as they ...
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Jul 5, 2023 9:37:25 AM

ASHL Academy | Catch up with Tom Davey, TOM&CO

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the ASHL Media Podcast. In this episode, I ...
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Feb 16, 2023 9:56:47 AM

Why Sense?

What are the benefits of partnering with Sense Network? Download our Group proposition ...
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Oct 24, 2022 2:55:12 PM

Consumer Duty: Is your advice network providing enough support?

As we march towards the first milestone of the Consumer Duty implementation timetable. We ...
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Sep 23, 2022 2:05:06 PM

Spotting Scams Easily

Across the ASHL Group of Companies, we want to keep our community of financial advisers ...
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Sep 20, 2022 12:42:46 PM

ASHL goes from strength to strength: Sense and Lyncombe networks see revenue and profits jump

Adviser Services Holdings Limited (ASHL), the adviser support service provider has ...
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Aug 18, 2022 10:10:40 AM

Managaging the cost of Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

The adviser firms we work with tell us is that managing the cost of PI cover in a very ...
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Feb 24, 2022 2:39:20 PM

Video: Social Media | Tips for working with Business Owners | Generating Leads | Victor Sacks - VS Associates

Here at Sense we help build and support Nationwide advisory service firms. Want to find ...
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Feb 15, 2022 11:04:17 AM

Introduction to Tax Year End

Each year, tax year end provides an opportunity to ‘use it or lose it’. The purpose of ...
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