You didn’t start up your own business to become part of an institution and march to someone else’s tune.

You set up a business that would reflect your own personality and values, give you a sense of control and the flexibility to do things your own way. Yet networks too often stifle the very creativity and individuality that advisers bring to the table.

We don’t see the point of that. We aim to provide a nurturing environment for new businesses that want to develop, grow and be creative in their own unique way.

We will match the enthusiasm that you have for your business. That’s what you deserve from us.

We don’t want to smother you with too much control. Yes, as in any business there are rules to follow, forms to fill in and bills to pay. But that shouldn’t be what your valuable time is used for.

Sense is great at doing very boring tasks, very well, so that you can focus on building your business and delivering for your clients.

This is what we do so that you can operate the way you want to:

  • Advise you – we deliver genuinely independent, high quality face-to-face and online training on the technical aspects of advice.
  • Support you – we give you whatever you need to run a more profitable business that works for you, not just a high revenue, low margin business which works for us.
  • Sustain you – we promote a sense of purpose and direction by providing all the tools you need to develop a medium- to long-term business plan.
  • Pay you – We reconcile, process and pay your fees every week, not just every month.
  • Equip you – We provide you with a market-leading CRM/back office system and client portal, and train your staff on how to get the best out of it.
  • Protect you – We sample-check files for compliance and provide pro-active advice and training on how to avoid problems.

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What our members say about us

“Open, truthful, forward thinking with exceptional standards. What more could my clients and I as a business owner ask for.”

Stuart Belcher, Principal, Resolve Financial Solutions Ltd, Surrey

“Once again a very good session put on by Sense. Always book on these courses and happy from the learning outcomes.”

Matthew Thompson, Independent Financial Adviser, Revolution, St Helens

“The content at all Sense meetings is very good. As an adviser developing a business, the input is particularly useful.”

Simon Weldon, Principal, Weldons, Fleet

“I have some experience of being with bigger networks. No one knew me or actually cared. This is not the case at Sense where it is very personal and you are made to feel part of a team.”

Darren Long, Principal at Engage Wealth, Chester

“Compared to where we came from Sense are light years ahead and adopt a “can do” approach to our business needs.”

Keith Robertson, Principal at Harrington Robertson, Cheshire

“Sense continues to deliver what we came to you for and events elsewhere prove this to be an excellent decision.”

Peter Waggitt, MD at Absolute Sense IFA Ltd, Ely

“…always willing to listen to our concerns and challenges and offer their expert opinions/advice, which is always appreciated.”

Keith Robertson, Principal at Harrington Robertson, Cheshire

“Sense is set up and run the way networks need to be run – lean, efficient and technology based. Other networks tend to be mired in the past with legacy systems & processes.”

Mark Evans, MD of Revolution Financial Services, Cheshire

“If you’re thinking of joining a network (or switching networks), make sure you speak to Sense. Throughout the business their people are fantastic, and that to me is hugely important. Professional, competent, knowledgeable and helpful – just what I wanted.”

Paul Mabon, Partner at Brookdale Independent Financial Planning, Wirral

“When Heritage were looking for a partner to work with we looked at many different providers. The important considerations were: Does this company embrace RDR, are they set up to provide a high quality compliance service (we did not want to work with anyone prepared to cut corners), are they people we can deal with, do they have the technology to expand the business going forward and will this company add value to our business in the years to come.

We chose Sense and we are pleased to say that we have never regretted it.”

Michael Kelleher, Director at Heritage Financial Ltd, Dorset

“Sense compares very favourably to previous networks I have experienced. I have only positive comments and feelings about the entire Sense team, and only wish I had joined a few years ago!”

Peter Waggitt, MD at Absolute Sense IFA Ltd, Ely

“The ethos of TCF runs through the compliance training and is constantly demonstrated by senior staff. You do a great job and I’m glad my firm is part of it.”

Flora Maudsley-Barton , Parsonage, Cheshire

“No comparison with my previous network, who were consistently bad at everything! Without doubt, Sense provides a more personal service and a more robust compliance regime.”

Steve Leahy, MD at Trinity IFA, Manchester

“Sense provide me with the framework to make sure I remain compliant and informed, whilst at the same time giving me the freedom to concentrate on growing my business”

Steve Hendry, Stonegate Wealth Management Ltd, Staffordshire

“We have taken the process of joining an advisory network very seriously and carried out in-depth research on various networks. Sense were the only firm we felt provided a full commitment to adviser independence. Joining Sense was a great decision for our business, they have offered imperative support on compliance and regulatory infrastructure. Sense have continued to support our advisers development and the growth of our business. Their use of state of the art technology has also enhanced our service proposition, making Sense a valuable asset to our Company.”

Gurdit Singh, Chameleon Financial Planning Ltd, Lancashire

“Having been a Sense member since 2009 I have had various approaches to join other networks or to go direct, but I can honestly say that the value that Sense provides is second to none. If you have any issues you can go straight to ‘the top’ and get it sorted, and the compliance support works very hard to ‘keep the wolf’ from the door. Sense also listen to their members, and try to adapt and stay ahead of the game with regards to training and T&C support. If it’s not broken you don’t fix it I’d say!”

Darren Long, Clear Cut Financial Planning Ltd, Cheshire