Three things which make a great website


I firmly believe that every adviser looking for new clients need a website. I know some people will disagree with me, but it’s just common sense that a website improves the effectiveness of all other tactics. Take referrals and recommendations (without doubt the best way to attract new clients) for example. A proportion of prospects...

11 questions to help you assess your own website


Making a judgement call on your own website can be tough. It’s likely that you have a level of attachment to it or, perhaps, a level of reluctance to look too closely, lest the cracks start to show! It’s also likely that any attempt at judging your website will be based on a level of...

No time? No Budget? 5 simple steps to improve your marketing


In my experience most advisers would like to increase the number of clients they work with, yet have limited marketing experience, finite budgets and are almost always time poor.

If that describes you, how can you effectively market your business?