Unbiased & VouchedFor: Important update


Directories are an important source of new business for many advisers and planners. Despite new entrants trying to break through, the market is still dominated by Unbiased and VouchedFor. Following the success of last year’s survey, I’m delighted to have launched, in association with Sense Network and Money Marketing, the Unbiased and VouchedFor Survey –...

VouchedFor and Unbiased: The definitive guide to improving adviser returns


Following our adviser survey in August, we are delighted to launch our white paper: VouchedFor and Unbiased – The definitive guide to improving adviser returns. Thousands of advisers use these directories, many of them relying on Unbiased and Vouchedfor for a high proportion of their new enquiries. I was therefore keen to better understand the...

Are Unbiased or VouchedFor treating advisers as cash cows?


Our survey comparing Unbiased and VouchedFor has only been running for 48 hours, but it is already highlighting some interesting issues and very strong opinions. I’m afraid you will have to wait until September for the full results, but there is one topic I thought was worth investigating straightaway. A number of respondents, particularly those...

No time? No Budget? 5 simple steps to improve your marketing


In my experience most advisers would like to increase the number of clients they work with, yet have limited marketing experience, finite budgets and are almost always time poor.

If that describes you, how can you effectively market your business?

Six tips to turn more enquiries into clients


I regularly write about ways to increase the number of enquiries you receive, but that’s only half the job. In fact, it’s probably the easier half, you still need to convert the enquiry into a client.

I’m always intrigued by advisers bemoaning the poor quality of enquiries; that they don’t convert and therefore offer a poor return on investment. Forgive the blunt home truth, but if the quality of the enquiries you receive is poor, the buck stops with you, after all, you run your marketing strategy.

Which leads me nicely to my first tip:

Unbiased: Location Plus, have I changed my mind? Am I now a fan?


Over the past few weeks I’ve been a vocal critic of Unbiased’s new Location Plus feature.

I won’t reiterate the reasons why I dislike Location Plus, if you want to understand my views you can read my original article by clicking here and my thoughts in FT Adviser, here. However, I would add that I’ve only been so vociferous because I have genuine respect for Unbiased and believe it provides a valuable service to both consumers and advisers.

Following a couple of weeks of Twitter debate, myself and Unbiased, in the form of the highly impressive Michael Ossei, recently got our heads together to try to better understand each other’s point of view.

The 7 most commonly asked questions by new-start IFA practices


During the past year over 80% of the firms joining Sense have been new start businesses.

I love the fact that entrepreneurially minded advisers are breaking the shackles of their current ‘home’, to set up their own business and create the next generation of advisory practices.

Naturally, I’m also delighted that many are choosing to work with Sense.

I tend to get involved very early in the process and it’s fascinating to observe the adviser’s journey.

Of course, there are some common questions I get asked. So, from the mundane to the more complex, I thought I’d pull them together.

Unbiased.co.uk: A change every adviser and consumer needs to know about


I’ve long believed that Unbiased and Vouchedfor listings, along with an effective website, should be central to an adviser’s marketing strategy.

I still believe that to be the case, although a change on Unbiased, which will affect both advisers and consumers, troubles me.

10 tips to help advisers get more press coverage


Being seen as an expert, whilst reducing anxiety, is the key to any marketing strategy designed to attract new clients.

Being regularly seen in the personal finance press, helps massively to achieve both of these objectives.

So, based entirely on my personal experiences, here are my top 10 tips for getting more press coverage and positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

Adviser marketing: The 7 questions I get asked most often (and the answers!)


Over the past year I’ve spoken to many advisers about their marketing.

There are some clear trends, for example, the aim of most advisers is to build a flow of new enquiries, whilst there’s no doubt that most are working to a tight budget.

The same questions keep cropping up too, so I thought I’d reveal the seven most common. Of course, that wouldn’t be the most helpful blog I’ve ever written, so I’ve included my answers too!