Awards: Worth entering or a costly waste of time?


With awards season firmly upon us, there seems to be a black-tie event at every turn and emails aplenty inviting entries to the latest ‘must win’ award. All this begs the question… Are awards worth entering? There seem to be two schools of thought: That entering awards should be an important part of your marketing...

Customer engagement through social situations


The total population stands at 7.3bn people of which 2.3bn are active social media users. 3bn of the 5bn who are not yet active social media users, probably won’t be able to access the internet, for a number of socio-economic reasons. In response, Facebook will be launching planes and Google will be releasing balloons into the...

Your marketing strategy: The six things you must measure


We do love our KPIs in financial services, however there’s one area where in my experience they are underused.

Where? Marketing.

To be more specific, assessing the effectiveness of your marketing.

For most advisers, marketing is done to increase the number of new enquiries they receive. Why wouldn’t you therefore want to understand the effectiveness of your efforts?

Do you know what you’re doing on LinkedIn? 6 simple tips to dramatically improve returns


Ask the question in a room full of financial advisers/planners. “Are you on LinkedIn?” And pretty much every hand goes up.  Ask the question “Do you know why?” and all of a sudden there aren’t nearly so many hands up.

And if you think about your own LinkedIn activity – ask yourself:

Do you often find yourself receiving lots of random requests to connect on LinkedIn never to hear from these people again?

LinkedIn - First image

3 Stats and the story it tells you about your clients’ use of technology and finance


I’m currently on tour with threesixty Services talking about how advisers can use technology in their business to help with client communication and interaction. There’s a whole bunch of really interesting stories and facts being shared by the speakers and I thought you’d enjoy hearing three of them here.  They all support the importance and desire for your clients to have the option to communicate with you using modern day tools, naturally this will include social media.

When I talk about social media, just to be clear, I’m including not just social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.  But also anywhere online where people can easily share thoughts and opinions.  Which if you think about it, is pretty much the internet today, it’s blog posts, trade publications, shopping sites, review sites, the list goes on.

Why all retirement planners need to be on Unbiased, plus 10 tips to create the perfect profile


Amongst the avalanche of pension articles published recently, one in this week’s edition of New Model Adviser by Michelle Abrego caught my eye.

Michelle’s piece looked at how pension providers plan to refer retirees to advice. Two things stood out; the close ties many pension providers have to advice firms (another blog, for another day) and the number which plan to refer to

The following providers said they will be referring retirees to Unbiased:

  • Aegon
  • Aviva
  • Legal & General
  • Prudential
  • Phoenix
  • Royal London
  • Scottish Widows
  • Standard Life

6 practical tips to immediately improve your website


The news that 50% of IFAs don’t actively market their business, relying on word of mouth to attract new clients, has motivated me to put pen to paper (or at least fingers to keys) and write my first blog for Sense Network.

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my passion for marketing, especially websites, electronic communications and social media.

It’s websites that I want to focus on in my first blog.

First things first, why have a website?

Top 10 FAQs about Social Media by IFAs


1) Do you see social media participation resulting in sales in the Financial services world?

Absolutely.  Structured in the right way, demonstrating your authority in the sector, building relationships with your audience, engaging in conversations, building your list and having appropriate call to actions will result in prospects that become clients.  Mixing your offline marketing with your social media efforts and email marketing will greatly improve your results.

Much of the most valuable connections you make from social media come from the people with whom you have the weakest ties.  As you create more ongoing conversation outside your closest social circles, you gather more meaningful connections and they become part of your established networks.

2) If you were to use one form of social media which would it be?