The secret to getting people to spend more time on your website


The secret to getting people to spend more time on your website Video may not have done much for the radio star, but if done right, it can do wonders for your website. In fact, a relevant, well produced video can encourage your audience to stay on a page an average of 2.6 times longer....

Common marketing scams and what to do if you’re approached


Over the years, we’ve had several clients who have come across marketing or website scams of some form or another. For some reason, the advisory marketplace appears to be targeted a little more than other sectors we work with. Thankfully, scams and other less-than-desirable approaches are fairly easy to spot if you know what you’re...

Should you include members of your team on your website?


I was chatting with an adviser recently about their new website. The conversation turned to whether she should include members of her team on the site. The adviser confided in me that she was nervous about adding her team to the website, as she thought it might give recruiters an opportunity to poach staff. I...

Why your website must be mobile friendly


The recent Sense roadshows, and the interactive session I ran looking at adviser’s websites, emphasised how few are mobile friendly. In many ways, this really shouldn’t be a surprise. In my experience, once built, most websites are rarely looked at again. Mobile friendliness is something I’ve been talking to advisers about for a while; but...

Why Google, and your website, might stop referrals getting in touch


I’ve just spent an enjoyable couple of weeks presenting to Sense members about how advisers can improve their websites. We started each session with a bit of fun, by getting delegates to review the websites of their competitors. We simply searched for ‘financial advice’ followed by the name of the location we were in and...

What’s the best way to get your business to the top of the Google search results?


Last week I sat with an IFA who was considering joining Sense. Our discussions were drawing to a close, the waitress busied herself clearing the numerous empty coffee cups and my thoughts turned to how I’d pass the time on the car park, otherwise known as the M1, as I battled my way home.

Before we departed, the adviser mentioned his next meeting was with an SEO consultant, with the aim of appearing more prominently in the Google search results.

My first thought? I hope you’ve got deep pockets!