The greatest danger to IFAs is our reproductive impotence


In the last six months, “robo advice” has become a genuine contender in the personal investing landscape. But lurking in the shadows is a much bigger threat to IFAs’ future…..and that’s our collective failure to reproduce. I’ve been monitoring the robo advice space for nearly eight years now. Until now, it was hype, theory and...

Advice on Trial


In recent years it has often felt that advice has been on trial; that there is a “gap” somewhere. So, what exactly is the “advice gap”, where does it come from, and how do we close it? In 2012, it seemed every trade press article predicted the demise of advice, with consumers sure to baulk...

Restricted advice – does it ever benefit the client?


Over the past weeks my thoughts have returned to the independent v restricted debate. I’m not alone either, it currently seems to be a favourite topic for a number of “thought leaders” in the advice profession.

I must confess to being conflicted by the whole debate. On the one hand, I do understand that RDR has profoundly altered the availability of advice. And, if restricted, simplified or ‘Robo’ advice can help people to build wealth and security in their lives, this must be a positive thing.