Are advisers the greatest risk a client faces at retirement?


One of the highlights for me of working for a product provider is the opportunity to talk to and learn from really high quality advisers.  I had the privilege to attend an invitation-only summit last year where the advisers present were absolutely at the top of their game when it came to retirement income.

So you can imagine my surprise when, in one of our interactive sessions, these same advisers told us they believe one of the greatest risks clients face at retirement is lack of adviser knowledge. Experts need to admit when they feel like novices in order to reduce this risk and this potentially endangers the adviser’s relationship with their clients.

Diploma: Is this your Everest?


With only a short time to go to the implementation of RDR, the majority of advisers are in the final stretch of diploma qualification. The Industry hasn’t seen a mass qualification event on this scale in almost twenty years and hardly a day goes by on various social message boards, blogs and company intranets without...