Retirement outcomes


One of the key findings of the FCA’s recent ‘Retirement Outcomes Review: interim report’ was the increased take-up of income drawdown. When considering the history of drawdown it’s significant to remember it was initially also described as ‘annuity deferral’. At the very beginning drawdown was available until age 75 and then an annuity had to...

Putting the brakes on pension contributions


Over the last 12 years (since A-day) there has only been one tax year – 2013/14 – where there haven’t been changes to the tax rules on pensions. Every other year, the amount individuals can put in and/or take out of pensions to get tax relief advantages have changed. For the first half of this...

Pension freedoms, challenges and lessons from abroad


The new legislation governing pension freedoms now provides clients with the ability to access their defined contribution pension funds once they reach 55 and have control over how those funds are used.

These changes have raised a number of challenges for clients, financial planners and investment management services. To highlight and discuss the main issues surrounding these new freedoms, Sanlam Private Wealth commissioned a report written by Dr Paul Cox from the University of Birmingham. The report focuses on the key factors that influence the post retirement generation and how to plan for income in later life.