The biggest new source of clients for a decade?


I’ve recently encountered possibly the greatest new source of demand for financial advice, since starting VouchedFor in 2011 – workplace financial well-being. From seemingly nowhere, “financial well-being” has become a major agenda item for HR leaders. According to a new report from Close Brothers, 48% of employers have already implemented some form of financial education, and...

Why do so many advisers hide their Chartered status?


If things don’t change soon my full head of hair will soon be no more. Not, because of impending middle age, my father still has a full head of hair well into his 60s. But because every time I see a financial planner fail to promote their Chartered status, I pull out a handful in...

11 questions to help you assess your own website


Making a judgement call on your own website can be tough. It’s likely that you have a level of attachment to it or, perhaps, a level of reluctance to look too closely, lest the cracks start to show! It’s also likely that any attempt at judging your website will be based on a level of...

Why 35% of advisers might be wrong about Facebook


Speaking to financial services folk, whilst there are exceptions, I tend to hear two opposing views of Facebook: From marketers: “You must be on there, if you’re not, your business will be left behind.” From advisers: “My clients aren’t on Facebook; it would be a waste of time for me.” Instinctively I’m not drawn to...

Cold calling, is there really any reason not to ban it?


Financial scams are a cancer eating away at our profession, undermining credibility, whilst costing investors and advisers millions of pounds each year. I’m therefore delighted to see a group of advisers standing up and trying to make a difference. But they need your help. Free pension reviews Most scams start with a cold call offering...

VouchedFor and Unbiased: The definitive guide to improving adviser returns


Following our adviser survey in August, we are delighted to launch our white paper: VouchedFor and Unbiased – The definitive guide to improving adviser returns. Thousands of advisers use these directories, many of them relying on Unbiased and Vouchedfor for a high proportion of their new enquiries. I was therefore keen to better understand the...

No time? No Budget? 5 simple steps to improve your marketing


In my experience most advisers would like to increase the number of clients they work with, yet have limited marketing experience, finite budgets and are almost always time poor.

If that describes you, how can you effectively market your business?

7 ways to get more referrals and recommendations


An effective marketing strategy is vital for all businesses.

This includes financial advisers, if you want to build your business and increase the number of clients you engage, you need a strategy to make the phone ring with new enquiries.

I regularly write about how websites, newsletters and content creation, as well as adviser directories and social media, can be employed to achieve this aim. However, a recent meeting provided a useful reminder of the importance of an effective referral strategy.

Six tips to turn more enquiries into clients


I regularly write about ways to increase the number of enquiries you receive, but that’s only half the job. In fact, it’s probably the easier half, you still need to convert the enquiry into a client.

I’m always intrigued by advisers bemoaning the poor quality of enquiries; that they don’t convert and therefore offer a poor return on investment. Forgive the blunt home truth, but if the quality of the enquiries you receive is poor, the buck stops with you, after all, you run your marketing strategy.

Which leads me nicely to my first tip: