Three things which make a great website


I firmly believe that every adviser looking for new clients need a website. I know some people will disagree with me, but it’s just common sense that a website improves the effectiveness of all other tactics. Take referrals and recommendations (without doubt the best way to attract new clients) for example. A proportion of prospects...

Should financial advisers be blogging?


This piece is inspired partly by a Twitter conversation yesterday, as well as events immediately post the Referendum result way back in June.

To be truthful this isn’t a blog about blogging, but communicating. Specifically, the importance of communicating high quality content regularly and consistently with three groups, who are key to the success of all advisory firm:

  1. Clients
  2. Potential clients
  3. Key influencers

I’ve always believed effective communication with these three groups is vital for two key reasons:

How do you make sure your website suits the behaviour of the visitor?


Few people in today’s crowded marketplace would fail to realise the importance of their website standing out and reaching new prospects. But when everyone is trying to attract the same target audience, how do you make sure your site is the one they land on … and more importantly stay on? One of the key...