Certain principles in uncertain times


Given the unrelenting nature of the news – post-Brexit uncertainty in the UK, instability in the near and Middle East, China’s interventions in the South China seas and the real prospect of a Trump-led US administration – you wouldn’t be surprised to see deep apprehension built into investment markets. So it appears to be the...

Are pension ISAs now inevitable?


The UK is a different place than it was a couple of months ago. The shock waves from the referendum vote to leave the EU have been felt far and wide, and the fun is just beginning. Over the next few years we have to negotiate our way out of the EU – an exercise...

The end of a Bond era?


July 13 saw the closing date for comments following HMRC’s consultation on part surrenders and part assignments of life insurance policies. The consultation put forward several proposals designed to remove the creation of disproportionate chargeable event gains. Under current rules, bond policy holders have the ability to take 5%pa of the amount they invested as...

Are Unbiased or VouchedFor treating advisers as cash cows?


Our survey comparing Unbiased and VouchedFor has only been running for 48 hours, but it is already highlighting some interesting issues and very strong opinions. I’m afraid you will have to wait until September for the full results, but there is one topic I thought was worth investigating straightaway. A number of respondents, particularly those...

No time? No Budget? 5 simple steps to improve your marketing


In my experience most advisers would like to increase the number of clients they work with, yet have limited marketing experience, finite budgets and are almost always time poor.

If that describes you, how can you effectively market your business?

Is independent advice heading towards extinction?


Last year, I had the great fortune to visit New Zealand and to spend six weeks travelling around the North and South Islands. The natural beauty of New Zealand well deserves the superlatives that have been accorded to places like Milford Sound, Queenstown and the brooding presence of Mount Ruapehu (Mount Doom from The Lord...

A new approach to workplace marketing


Getting new clients is the lifeblood of any advisory practice. Getting the right ones is even harder. Presentations to groups of employees – known as workplace marketing – has tended to focus on providing information about pension schemes. I’d like to suggest a new approach. Those that work with businesses, large or small, will know...

Customer engagement through social situations


The total population stands at 7.3bn people of which 2.3bn are active social media users. 3bn of the 5bn who are not yet active social media users, probably won’t be able to access the internet, for a number of socio-economic reasons. In response, Facebook will be launching planes and Google will be releasing balloons into the...

7 ways to get more referrals and recommendations


An effective marketing strategy is vital for all businesses.

This includes financial advisers, if you want to build your business and increase the number of clients you engage, you need a strategy to make the phone ring with new enquiries.

I regularly write about how websites, newsletters and content creation, as well as adviser directories and social media, can be employed to achieve this aim. However, a recent meeting provided a useful reminder of the importance of an effective referral strategy.

You’re a Start-up – Now What?


There’s an adviser friend of mine who recently left a larger organisation and set up his own practice so that he could do things in a way he believed was right.

Why did he leave?