Pension freedoms offers flexibility, but also increase consumer choices


For those in or reaching retirement, deciding what to do and when to do it isn’t easy. Pension freedoms offers fantastic choice and flexibility, but it also increases the number of options and choices people need to consider. Add in the uncertainty of how long they will live, whether they will need long-term care, the...

VouchedFor and Unbiased: The definitive guide to improving adviser returns


Following our adviser survey in August, we are delighted to launch our white paper: VouchedFor and Unbiased – The definitive guide to improving adviser returns. Thousands of advisers use these directories, many of them relying on Unbiased and Vouchedfor for a high proportion of their new enquiries. I was therefore keen to better understand the...

Stay ahead of the game with the Aviva Auto-enrolment Planner


With 500,000 small businesses due to stage for auto-enrolment during 2016, it’s likely that a fair few of your clients are among that number. As a busy adviser, you may find there are not enough hours in the day for you to do all that’s necessary to support your clients through auto-enrolment. At Aviva, we...

The pros and cons of retiring abroad


For many people retirement is all about spending more time at home, and with family. But for others, retirement is an once-in-a-lifetime chance to do something completely different. For some that may be voluntary work, or a new hobby. For others it’s the huge leap of retiring overseas. The most popular destinations include Spain, America,...

Should financial advisers be blogging?


This piece is inspired partly by a Twitter conversation yesterday, as well as events immediately post the Referendum result way back in June.

To be truthful this isn’t a blog about blogging, but communicating. Specifically, the importance of communicating high quality content regularly and consistently with three groups, who are key to the success of all advisory firm:

  1. Clients
  2. Potential clients
  3. Key influencers

I’ve always believed effective communication with these three groups is vital for two key reasons:

What’s the best way to get your business to the top of the Google search results?


Last week I sat with an IFA who was considering joining Sense. Our discussions were drawing to a close, the waitress busied herself clearing the numerous empty coffee cups and my thoughts turned to how I’d pass the time on the car park, otherwise known as the M1, as I battled my way home.

Before we departed, the adviser mentioned his next meeting was with an SEO consultant, with the aim of appearing more prominently in the Google search results.

My first thought? I hope you’ve got deep pockets!

You’re The Leader – Now Lead


You own the business. You make the big decisions. So you’re it – the leader of your business. It’s amazing how often we (and I say we to include myself here), want to shirk that title. In a small firm it’s easy to not think of yourself as a leader. Most adviser-owners I know really...

How do you make sure your website suits the behaviour of the visitor?


Few people in today’s crowded marketplace would fail to realise the importance of their website standing out and reaching new prospects. But when everyone is trying to attract the same target audience, how do you make sure your site is the one they land on … and more importantly stay on? One of the key...

Time to look beyond price


In the past the protection insurance sector wasn’t known for innovation, embracing technology or making the most of digital capabilities. But we’re gradually seeing this changing in the form of some game-changing FinTech companies, such as the re-insurer backed start-up UnderwriteMe. Royal London was one of the first providers in the UK to start using...

My thoughts on the VouchedFor Accelerator programme


When I saw the pricing model for VouchedFor’s new Accelerator programme, my first reaction was similar to your local plumber, sucking air in through my teeth as I mentally calculated the cost. However, as I said to some of the advisers who asked for my opinion, the initial reaction we have, especially to new concepts,...