Giles joined Sanlam as Head of Marketing and PR in January 2013 having previously worked as Head of Group Development for English Mutual for 7 years. He has over 20 years’ experience in private banking, sales and sales management, skills training, proposition and business development, supervision, marketing, brand development and public relations. Giles is passionate about brand marketing, customer experience and driving change in financial services.

Let’s put an end to “networking”…

“It’s not netCHAT; it’s not netSIT. It’s netWORK…”

That was my introduction to networking. A mediocre breakfast in a worse hotel, surrounded by eager beavers determined to get referrals and drive sales, hosted by the man with this witty call to action, supported by well-rehearsed hand movement which created a “W” at the appropriate time.

I hated it. It felt desperate. I even hated the word; “networking”. Still do.

A time to be “responsible”…

“People who want to make a difference in the world usually do it, one way or another.” Beth Clark

Without wishing to sound arrogant, I believe I was put on this Earth with the power to change it for the better; and therefore it’s my responsibility to do so. So I’m going to.

Let me qualify that. I believe we all were; that we share that responsibility and, whether we realise it or not, are doing our best to do just that.

Creating a legacy

We’re united by a common obsession; the creation of legacy.