Your website’s team page: Why it’s so important you get it right


Almost every adviser or planner’s website will have a team section.

Our research shows that, aside from your homepage, your team page will be one of the most popular three on your website. It’s hardly surprising; after all, people buy people. Understanding who is behind a business will be one of the most important things for someone who is undertaking due diligence on your firm before getting in touch.

So, what’s someone looking for from your team page, and indeed your website as a whole?

It’s probably fair to assume that a new visitor is on your site because they have a financial problem, challenge or issue they need to solve. If that’s the case, at the forefront of their mind will be one question:

“Are these the people who can solve it?”

To get the answer to this question they need to meet you, discuss it in more detail and learn more about what you do. You will also need to understand more about them and decide whether you want to work with them.

However, for that meeting to take place, they need to make the first move and get in touch; picking up the phone, sending an email or completing an enquiry form.

Your team page in particular, alongside the rest of your website, plays a crucial role, it therefore needs to:

Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise: Consumers generally want to deal with specialists; people who can solve our problems. It’s therefore vital that your team pages, and website as a whole, demonstrates knowledge and expertise. There are a variety of ways to do this, from confirming your qualifications or Chartered status (remember to explain it fully, and how it benefits your clients) to writing blogs and news articles.

Explain the people you work with (and those you don’t): Consumers will want to know that you are experienced in working with people like them, who have similar problems and challenges, aspirations and objectives. Explaining the type of client you typically work with, and those who your service isn’t right for, will ensure that the right people get in touch with you and that others are signposted to somewhere more appropriate.

Reduce anxiety: Your website visitor may be nervous or anxious about seeking financial advice. There could be a variety of reasons for this; from being afraid of scammers to worrying that they may be wasting their time or yours.

To achieve these things on your team pages isn’t easy. It takes time, effort and potentially some resources. However, as our research has shown, the team section of your site is likely to be one of the most visited after your homepage. It’s worth making the effort.

We’ve created a simple checklist, which you can work through to understand how well your current pages are performing and where you need to improve them.

The checklist is free to download, and you can get it by clicking here.

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