Yes Minister!


Even Sir Humphrey would confess himself surprised at the latest shenanigans emanating from Whitehall. One of Sir Humphrey’s favoured tactics to block Jim Hacker’s schemes was to set up an inter-departmental enquiry to examine the proposals. The only certain outcome was a delay of 18 months and the probability that the minister would have moved on and his scheme could be quietly dropped.

So faced with overwhelming evidence that the Money Advice Service is expensive and ineffective, what are the Treasury doing? Launching an independent review of course! Notwithstanding that it will take time to complete and will in itself cost money, the CEO of “Ma” has already dismissed the notion that it might be discontinued.

We have consistently argued that the MAS is a waste of money and will never succeed in furthering consumer education. The goal remains a laudable one but this abject failure should be put out of its misery as quickly as possible.

Faced with the inescapable truth over this disaster, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury should order the closure of MAS forthwith and even Sir Humphrey would be obliged to say “Yes Minister”.

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